Far Enough Trips is about shaking up your standard vacation destinations. The world is a huge place—why go on the same trip as your friends and family? Rather than pumping more tourism revenue into popular vacation spots, we advocate for the more unusual destinations—focusing specifically on cities and towns in Eastern Europe, central Asia, and southwestern Anatolia. You can always visit western Europe, but if you want an idiosyncratic experience, this is the place for you.

We want to make far-flung vacation spots more accessible, providing itineraries, photographs, and important information about some of the world’s most interesting places. If you find yourself sighing at the idea of going to see the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben, this is the resource for you.

We also welcome suggestions of all kinds. Tell us what you think about the Far Enough Trips website, about specific Places that are Far Enough, or for an idea for your own submission for a Far Enough Place. You can also use our contact form for more general comments.

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