Travel Methods: Cruise

Cruises have a bad reputation. Touted as the glutton’s preferred vacation, the phrase “cruise ship” conjures images of all-you-can-eat buffets, subpar entertainment programming, and—most unfortunately—norovirus outbreaks. However, cruises can provide far more than a relaxing week spent on a ship’s deck. If you want to spend your week laying around, there are plenty of opportunities; if you want to spend the week adventuring, you can easily achieve your goal with a well-chosen cruise.

Cruise destinations range from the Caribbean and Hawaii to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. If there is a large body of water, chances are, you can board a cruise ship. For travelers wanting to relax, a Caribbean vacation with a few days of snorkeling fits the bill. If you want a bit more adventure, consider taking a cruise to the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, or Egypt. A cruise ship is often regarded as a destination in and of itself; instead, think of it as your travelling hotel.

Cruises can also provide admittance to places inaccessible by plane or train. You may glimpse a very remote part of Alaska, or perhaps visit an uninhabited island. Cruise passengers can visit Russia (St. Petersburg) for up to 72 hours without obtaining a visa if they enter by cruise ship. This is particularly notable; Russian travel visas are notoriously difficult to secure, and a cruise ship provides a surprisingly easy avenue through which one may enter the country.

Packing for a cruise is surprisingly easy. Instead of travelling from destination to destination, your sleeping quarters travel with you. Packing light is always encouraged, but this is one of the few situations where it is not completely necessary; you are not required to carry your belongings on transportation, so you will not be weighed down by an extra pair of pants. You should, however, observe general travel precautions; keep your passport in a safe place, bring a portable phone charger, and bring appropriate footwear.

Cruise ships provide the perfect mix of adventure and security. Depending on your destination, they provide something for the whole family—the more adventurous can go out and explore, while the people who want to relax can stay aboard. These journeys come in all shapes and sizes, meaning you are likely to find the perfect fit within your price range.