Three Tips for Sticking to a Diet While Traveling

Vacation is supposed to be relaxing, but some people find it harder to let loose than others. Whether it’s work stress, trying to see everything you can, or taking the perfect Instagram photo, a lot of factors can contribute to a stressful vacation. Among the most common: dieting.


If you’re following a diet, you may find it difficult to stick to your plan while away from home. This is especially true if your diet is very restrictive, like veganism or the FODMAP diet. But your diet should never hold you back from going out and exploring the world. The following tips are designed to help you plan around your diet while on vacation.


  1. Research food options in advance.


Checking out the food scene in advance is an easy way to plan around your diet. For example: If you’re a vegetarian traveling in the American South, searching for restaurants with vegetarian options will be very helpful. This can eliminate the time you spend searching for options, and it will reduce overall stress. If you’re on a calorie-restrictive diet, you may want to consider planning meals in advance. So, if you know that you want to go to a specific restaurant at your vacation destination, choose the dish you want to order before you arrive. This can help eliminate any frustration with the choices you have available.


  1. Consider renting a house instead of a hotel.


Increasingly, travelers are turning to housing options like Airbnb and VRBO. When choosing your rental, you can filter for options that have full kitchens and refrigerators available. This can also help you plan your meals, allowing you to stay on your diet. Plan a grocery trip for the first day of your vacation, or have groceries, like produce and seafood–even best Maine Lobster delivery to your door just before you arrive.


  1. Be flexible with yourself.


The goal of a vacation is to relax, escape everyday life, and enjoy yourself. If breaking your diet is a part of that relaxation, don’t stress about eating a few hundred more calories per day. While this might not be possible for people on diets for medical or religious reasons, those on calorie-restrictive diets should allow themselves some fun. After all, a vacation is temporary – eating slightly more than usual for a week won’t erase any progress you’ve made. If you’re feeling very stressed out about gaining weight while traveling, consider incorporating exercise into each day. Most hotels have a gym available to vacationers, and orienting your day around a physical activity can bring some much-needed movement.